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I am a Registered Nurse, Doula, Coach, Diabetes Educator, Wife. and a Dog Mum (mom), with a passion for education, women’s health and sustainability. In 2020, I started having more conversations to shed light on life with and beyond diabetes. A topic I know too well from living with Type 1 Diabetes since 1997. Often times, we focus on illness, but after specializing in critical care for over 10 years, I came to realize the importance of shifting from fixing problems to preventing them occurring or getting worse, using a more holistic, whole person approach. Prevention can look a little different from person to person, depending on each individual’s health status and goals, but ultimately, it means taking the step that empowers each of us to live and function in the capacity of our healthiest potential.



“Having A Long-Lasting Illness Like Diabetes Significantly Impacts One’s Life… It Is Unrealistic And Naive To Believe That There Are No Bad Days… But With The Right System In Place, The Bad Days Will Pass, And We Can Make The Good Days Count”

— Tolu Jean-Jules

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 7 years old – on my 7th birthday to be precise, after going into a coma and almost losing my life. Two years later, I needed a new treatment plan, as I started rejecting  the insulin injection that I was receiving. My parents worked immensely hard to relocate the whole family from Nigeria, West Africa where I was born to London, United Kingdom, so that they could get better opportunities as healthcare professionals, and provide me with advanced healthcare options, and a true chance of staying alive. Over the years, I developed other chronic health conditions, with many being unique to women, and also as a result of diabetes. Like many other people with chronic (long-term) health conditions and their support systems, managing these conditions and balancing them with everyday life and big decisions often became overwhelming, confusing, and very much frustrating. Over the years, I experienced burnout, denial, anxiety, depression, and a whole lot of guilt to name a few. Then, I realized that I needed more than just the doctors’ visits I attended a few times a year to truly feel great, and that me being whole was way more than achieving a set of numbers. Something not talked about enough in the traditional healthcare and diabetes management model globally.

I wanted a fulfilling life beyond my diagnosis, so I took the steps to invest in my overall wellbeing, starting with some inner work and self discovery. With the help of my support systems, I was able to get to the core of the matter. Though my journey is continuous, it has been years since my most recent diagnosis. I have so much more knowledge about my health, and feel empowered with the tools to explore my options, advocate for myself, and make the best decisions for myself and my family. Ultimately, I became a doula, diabetes educator and nationally board certified Nurse Coach to support those with diabetes, and their families to do the same.

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ENFJ-A – Charismatic and Inspiring. Called to serve a greater purpose in life.


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With friends and family on the weekend after a busy work week.



Creating memories with my husband, and immensing in new cultures.



A mixture of Confidence; Sauce; Directness; and Empathy

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