For speaking engagement inquiries and panelist events invites, please reach out to me via hello@tolujeanjules.com


Because of my scope of work advocating for women with diabetes and their support systems, I make every effort to ensure that any partnerships entered into does not harm, or influence the work I do in Advocacy, Education, and Promotion of such groups negatively. For inquiries, please fill out the contact form on the ‘Get in Touch’ page, and include as much detail to support the partnership you would like to enter into.



I am available to give expert advice or representation on topics relating to women’s health and diabetes, including but not limited to: Body Diabetes Education, Family Life/Caregiving, Fertility/Birth Control, Hormones, Mental Health, Self Care, Nutrition, Pregnancy/Birth, Pregnancy Loss, Prevention/Screenings, Race/Culture, and Sex/ Intimacy.

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